Trauma Yoga offers healing in supporting the body release held trauma and regulate towards a healthy nervous system.

Trauma Yoga is based on the trainings of David Emerson and Dr. Bessel Van der Kolk andincorporates an understanding of neurophysiology, Trauma Theory, elements of Attachment theory, and Hatha yoga practices. The TSY model helps to foster safety, stabilization, reconnection to self, re-engagement into life centering activities, emotional regulation, and builds competency and agency, in order to increase somatic regulation and introceptive (a felt sense of one’s body) awareness.

Read here for evidence-based research conducted by Bessel van der Kolk.

In each session, care is taken to create a safe environment.  Students are offered choices regarding modifications, which create ease and security. Simple language is used to describe the yoga forms, that are utilized to aid in exploring bodily control and choices, which ultimately promotes a curiosity about the body and its responses. Trauma Sensitive Yoga has been called a moving meditation and cultivates a keen sense of embodied mindfulness.

The protocol upon which the yoga sessions are based has been empirically validated through sustained improvement in PTSD symptomology. This is attributed to the physical and introceptive benefits of yoga. Yoga itself has shown to have neurobiological benefits as it focuses on breath, physical body, and mindfulness. Changing breathing patterns can influence autonomic nervous system functions, including heart rate variability. There has been extensive research on the benefits of mindfulness meditation on psychiatric, psychosomatic, and stress-related symptoms, including anxiety, depression, chronic pain, immune function, blood pressure, and cortisol levels.  Yoga postures act as vehicles to observe and tolerate physical sensations, which in turn promotes an increased ability to disconnect the physical sensations from the traumatizing emotional reactions of the past.

TSY sessions offer opportunities to make choices for effective action, and provide a present moment experience to re-connect with natural rhythms. Students are encouraged to notice the body, befriend their body, and to utilize their body as a resource.

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