Hopemead, in Flower Mound, TX, offers trauma healing and trauma resolution therapy, using a range of cutting-edge and evidenced-based trauma therapies.

Trauma is a fact of life, but it does not need to be a life sentence.
— Peter Levine, PhD, Creator and Founder of Somatic Experiencing®

Hopemead specializes in trauma resolution therapy and healing, whether the trauma be childhood related trauma, trauma resulting from a motor vehicle accident, man-made or natural disaster, an attack on an individual,betrayal trauma, or medical trauma. Research over the years has shown how trauma is stored the body, within the physiological and neurological systems. Addressing and discharging trauma to restore the nervous system will enable the individual to regain his/her emotional, neurological, spiritual, and physical wellbeing.

Trauma can be defined as a psychological and physical injury or pain caused by a shocking or sudden experience. A traumatic event affects the nervous system, as the brain is unable to process the experience that happened too fast, too soon to the individual. Trauma is stored within the body if it is not processed and healed, and can affect the neurological, physical, and mental systems in such ways as to cause discomfort, flashbacks, anxiety, and pain.

Individuals experience trauma everyday, in all different ways, whether it be in war, a random attack, child physical or sexual abuse, neglect, medical procedures, death of a loved one, car accidents, sudden attacks, etc... Large groups of people can also experience trauma, such as survivors of the 9/11 attacks or acts of genocide in some countries.

Research on trauma shows that PTSD symptoms and other behavioral and emotional symptoms arise out of traumatic events and experiences, which can affect the daily functioning and enjoyment of life of people who have experienced trauma, in childhood or in adulthood.

Trauma is stored in the body, affecting the nervous system, and the way we behave, feel, and relate to others. Trauma can be accessed and discharged through the felt senses and the somatic experience.