The Neuroscience Of Therapy:

Research shows that the brain can heal itself, possessing the quality of neuroplasticity, which allows new synaptic connections and neural pathways to be made, thereby allowing healing and regeneration. Learn and experience how to begin healing the trauma you may have experienced, and change the person you do not want to be anymore.

What Is Neuroplasticity?

Neuroplasticity is the quality the brain has to change the way the brain fires and wires together. Through therapeutic intervention, the brain can alter neuro-pathways that are contributing to lowered physical, emotional, and cognitive optimizations, and create new pathways that will result in healthier systems. When a neuro-pathway is traveled repeatedly, it becomes stronger and thicker. The idea is to strengthen pathways that have positive messages and help the individual make positive choices.

What fires together, wires together: this is the basis for why we are who we are, and why we make the choices we make, and have the feelings we feel. Individuals have the power to change their brain's wiring, allowing for growth and transformation.

New evidence-based research shows that the brain is not only neuroplastic, but it also has the ability to generate new neurons when we change our thinking patterns and behaviors. Moving your focus from uncomfortable, dysregulated, and "negative thoughts" to gratitude and "positive" thoughts will generate new near-pathways and integration in your brain that will strengthen over time, and allow for a healthier and enhanced experience of life.

Break the habit of your dysfunctional self, and create new healthy, functional pathways