Heal your past, grow from your experiences, and learn to thrive in the present.

Individual therapy is an important part of a person's journey in the discover of who she/he is and wants to become. Clients are given listening space to be heard and understood, from a compassionate and knowledgeable position. Individual therapy allows for people to share safely and honestly the issues that they wish to process, and from which they seek to heal and grow. Individual therapy is an opportunity for a client to squarely address unresolved and perhaps nagging problems from his/her past or family of origin, so that they can create a new future.

Individual therapy may address family of origin issues, unresolved trauma, relational problems within the family, community, or workplace, couple issues, parental challenges, issues of self-identity or self-esteem, addiction problems, recovery challenges, depression, anxiety, general unhappiness, or shame. At Hopemead, the client is exactly where he/she needs to be, and the therapist will meet the client where the client is, at that moment.