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Empowered Healing!

Hopemead's treatment approach is founded on a wide range of therapeutic models and frameworks, including Family Systems Therapy, Solution Focused, Dialectical Behavioral, and Cognitive Behavior Therapies, in addition to integrating specialized therapies such as the Gottman Method, Emotionally Focused Therapy, the Meadows Model, Somatic Experiencing®, and EMDR. This allows for the formulation of an effective treatment plan unique to each client, that can effectively support recovery and healing.

Why Hopemead, Counseling and Trauma Center?

Hopemead brings together a coherent treatment team that specializes in trauma resolution and healing, chronic pain, addictions, somatic and mood disorders. We support and guide clients through their journeys to heal, and support surrounding area therapists, whose clients need to address symptoms of trauma or PTSD, or who are experiencing somatic symptoms.

Hopemead, Counseling and Trauma Center, offers a safe and serene environment, where mindfulness, healing, and recovery can take place. Located in Flower Mound, TX, we are easily accessed from most cities within the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.


What is trauma?

Trauma can be defined as a psychological and physical injury or pain caused by a shocking or sudden experience. A traumatic event affects the nervous system, as the brain is unable to process the experience that happened too fast, too soon to the individual.

Trauma is stored within the body if it is not processed and healed, and can affect the neurological, physical, and mental systems, in such ways as to cause discomfort, flashbacks, anxiety, and pain.

Individuals experience trauma everyday, in all different ways, whether it be in war, a random attack, betrayal in relationships, child physical or sexual abuse, neglect, medical procedures, death of a loved one, car accidents, sudden attacks, etc... Large groups of people can also experience trauma, such as survivors of the 9/11 attacks or acts of genocide in some countries.

Trauma is a fact of life, but it does not need to be a life sentence
— Peter Levine, Founder of Somatic Experiencing®

Change your Brain! The Neuroscience of it all

Find out how Hopemead, conveniently located in Flower Mound, TX and serving the surroundings areas, stands apart in integrating neuroscience research and findings into the therapeutic treatment of our clients.

What fires together, wires together: this is the basis for why we are who we are, and why we make the choices we make, and have the feelings we feel. Individuals have the power to change their brain's wiring, allowing for growth and transformation.

Hopemead integrates cognitive behavioral therapies with somatic  therapies as well as neurofeedback, to support clients in their treatment protocol.

Find out more about mindfulness here.


Family Systems Therapy

Families grow, and change over time, affected by internal and external stressors that may force a transformation within the family system. Changes and fluctuations occur as a matter of course over time: it is the manner in which the family system handles these changes that is important. At Hopemead, in Flower Mound, TX, family therapy is approached from a systems theory perspective: family or origin, genograms, relational patterns, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral interactions and dynamics are all explored in therapy. No one person is to blame for the state of the family situation, as everyone plays in the role in the creation of the family system. Each family member is supported in a safe and compassionate environment that allows for increased self-awareness and personal growth. Discover how you can transform your family and create healthy relationships.


Infidelity and Betrayal Trauma

Are You Suffering From The Consequences Of Your Spouse Or Partner's Sexual Compulsive Behaviors? Have You Experienced The Devastation Of Your Spouse Or Partner Having An Affair Or Infidelity? Are You The Spouse Or Partner Of A Sex Addict? Is Pornography Or Internet Infidelity Affecting Your Marriage Or Relationship?

Find out how we can support and help you, as you navigate this difficult time.

Read Greta Hentsch-Cowles', M.S., LMFT-A, article on the role of spouses and partners of sex addicts, published in the Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity Journal.

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Hopemead provides a range of cutting-edge therapeutic techniques and evidenced-based approaches, to gently and confidently guide and support your healing journey and recovery.

Find out how you can begin your journey towards healing and empowering yourself.

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