Cognitive Behavioral Therapies focus on the relationship between your thoughts and behaviors, which effectively leads to change, as you change your thought patterns to affect your behaviors.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapies include traditional Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Brief Solution Focused Therapy, and other evidence-based therapeutic treatment approaches. Fundamentally, Cognitive Behavioral Therapies believe that what you think and do affects the way you feel.  Our present thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are frequently the product of unconscious automatic thoughts and undisputed core beliefs. Without realizing it, people often become stuck in thinking, feeling, and behavioral patterns that perpetuate the problem rather than resolve it.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapies are about discovering what is keeping us “stuck” and deliberately changing our thinking and actions to improve how we feel. This type of treatment uses a wide variety of tools and techniques to change thinking, mood, and behavior. Cognitive Behavioral Therapies are goal-oriented and problem-focused, emphasize collaboration between the therapist and patient, and ultimately teach the patient to be their own therapist.

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